Retracing: What Is It and What Does It Mean?

What is Retracing?

Retracing is a healing phenomenon and is considered healthy!  I like to call it an improvement response to remind myself and recognize that my body is making some amazing healing changes.  Retracing can show up in a number of different ways. Dr Tedd Koren says retracing is “a healing process that occurs as old physical and/or emotional energies, disease, pain or other symptoms “come to the surface” after blockages, interferences or subluxation are corrected.”

 This retracing can bring pain and other symptoms and at times can be quite intense. How do I know? Because for the past week, I have been experiencing my own retracing, with pain in my back in a couple of areas, so bad that it literally has taken my breath away at times. Overall, it has not been fun! It has meant that I have had to really stop and listen to what my body has had to say, to rest, to breathe deeply, move with intention while staying relaxed, and be fully present in my body. It has also meant that I have had to ask and accept some help, which is not always easy to do. I can also tell you though, that it is worth it to know that my body is healing, that I can feel the changes, and see and experience the results!

Continue reading for some tips for your body to continue to heal, some other responses reported from fellow practice members, and how to get in contact with me if you are experiencing retracing. I am here to support you.

Tips to Help Your Body Continue to Heal:

1-            Check out Dr Jenn’s Jewels for Healing and Growth at

2-            Stay hydrated. Your body most likely will have toxins to release.

3-            If your body is asking for rest, listen.  Be kind to yourself as it processes and heals.

Many people after experiencing care, report 3 general responses: 1- some people will report feeling better, lighter, energized with less symptoms and more movement, they will feel things shift energetically or “know” that things are changing 2- some people do not experience any immediate response and may not notice any changes until 24-48 hrs after 3- others will report that they feel worse in the hours or days following care, almost like they are coming down with a bug, rash or fever of some kind or they may find themselves emotional. These experiences can be mild or intense. They are a sign of healing that are considered healthy, normal, and sometimes a necessary part of healing.

If you are unsure if what you are experiencing is ok, a sign of healing, or have other questions, then contact me at 828-230-7253 or at I am available to support you through what your body does as it moves through this healing process, whether you are celebrating some transformation or dealing with the signs of healing that do not feel so good.