Someone I Know Needs You, Needs Chiropractic, What do I do?

Practical Ways to Make Referrals & What Happens When You Do

Perhaps some people in your life have now come to mind as potential candidates for chiropractic care, now what?


Here some concrete and easy ways to refer people to me:

  1. Take a stack of business cards next time you’re in office and hand them one.
  2. If they prefer, ask them if they would like me to contact them directly and then share their contact info with me.
  3. Forward my e-newsletter to your friend/family member/co-worker.
  4. Save my phone number, (828) 230-7253, in your phone and text them my contact info.
  5. If you’re comfortable with it, invite them to come observe in office when you come in for care.
  6. Forward them my email,
  7. Send them to my website:
  8. Share my Facebook or Twitter.


So what happens after you make a referral?


Your friend or family member can call or schedule an initial appointment through my website, if they want to. I also offer free consultations for new clients, if they would like to learn more about what I do before coming for in care. Free consultations can be a great way to discover if my practice is a good fit for someone. I am also open to having new clients observe my work with existing clients, who are open to having observers present.


If you are concerned that people in your life need chiropractic care but can’t pay for it or have health insurance, which I don’t take, refer them anyway. It is my job to figure payment with my clients. I am happy to talk anyone’s concerns about finances, insurance etc. and try to find a solution that works.


The important thing is getting chiropractic care to people who need it, people whose lives could change for the better, starting with the realignment of their bodies. So send me your masses, send me your people, send me your referrals!


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