​How To Recognize Someone You Love Could Benefit From Chiropractic Care

I work as a chiropractor because I know how much chiropractic care has changed my own life, and I want to be able to offer these benefits to others. Sometimes, I think everyone would benefit from chiropractic care. But I also recognize there are some clear signs in people whose bodies could benefit the most from chiropractic care.

Here are some ways to recognize people in your life who might really benefit from chiropractic care as well as an exploration of the benefits of referring people for care and practical ways to make referrals to me.


How To Recognize Someone Who Could Benefit From Chiropractic Care

You may recognize ideal candidates for chiropractic care, when you hear people in your life say any of the following things:

“I can’t do things I used to love, eg, yoga, biking, hiking or the gym.”

“I wish I could still play with the kids or grandkids but I don’t feel up to anymore. I’m just in too much pain afterwards.”

“I just don’t feel good, and I don’t know why.”

“I’ve been to so many doctors and no one seems to be able tell me what’s really going on with my body.”

“The doctor said some things at last physical that made me nervous.”

“I have high blood pressure.”

“I’m stressed.”

“Sitting at a desk all day is killing me.”

“I’m always tired.”

“I wish I could get through a week without headaches.”

“If only I could get rid of this pain in my [knee, back, hip, shoulder etc.]”

“I need get more focused at work.”

“This baby is getting too big to keep carrying, she’s killing my shoulder/arm/back etc.”

Additionally, people who carry a shoulder bag, who don’t take breaks at work, who are limping, who seem uncomfortable walking any distance, who spend long periods of time on laptops or phones, who seem to be in chronic pain or take pain medication often, are all great candidates for experiencing the benefits of chiropractic.

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