Go See Dr Jenn!

“I have three sisters who all have severe back problems and who have been looking for the proper chiropractic care. All three have had the worst horror stories about chiropractic care, getting cracked in all the wrong places and feeling violated and unsatisfied, and they refuse to go back and will take meds instead. I started with a sharp pain under my shoulder blade reaching to my neck in the ripe old age of 25 and thought for sure I was doomed… until Dr. Jenn! She sat me down and made me feel so safe. She educated me in a language I could understand and then took her time trying to figure out WHY I was having this problem. After my first (very reluctant) visit I felt an amazing difference, not just in my shoulder but my whole body. She fixed a hip problem that I didn’t even acknowledge as a real problem and now, after a few more visits I have no pain! We have also talked about other improvements that I didn’t even think were possible. Dr. Jenn is my hero! I will tell everyone and anyone to go see her! Thank you SO much Dr. Jenn! I look forward to seeing you at my next adjustment!”  Kim T 5/2012