Dr. Jenn’s Jewels to Healing & Growth

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Dr. Jenn’s Jewels to Healing & Growth

Laugh Often: It’s Contagious! Laughter is the best medicine. It reduces stress, decreases pain, and boosts immunity and resilience. Find ways to increase the laughter and fun in your life for at least a few minutes every day. Tell a joke or read a comic.

 Go Play in the Woods, it Does Your Body Good! Sunlight boosts your immunity and nature boosts vitality, creativity, brain function, and reduces stress. Nature makes us happy! Get outside and soak up all that goodness.

 Smell the Roses:  Take the time to enjoy and appreciate the little moments every day by taking the time to breathe deeply. Take three 3 deeps breaths periodically thru your day.  Focusing your breath throughout your entire body, acknowledging areas of tension and discomfort and to fully oxygenate your cells and increase healing. Add essential oils to your diffuser to enjoy the scent and increase the healing benefits.

 You are What You Eat: And what you are is ALIVE! Eat foods that are living, local, organic and non-GMO whenever you can. Foods that are alive support us to thrive. If it can stay on a shelf for months it doesn’t need to go into our bodies.

 Increase your FLOW: We are made up of mostly water. Staying hydrated increases healing, energy, immunity and ease. So make your life easier, go with the flow, by drinking water throughout your day.

 Presence: the Best Present You Can Give, to Yourself and Others: Being present, in the moment, allows for increased clarity, positivity and decreased stress. You increase your awareness of yourself, your body and what it is communicating, and of those around you. Your presence supports others to be more present. Obstacles and challenges become smaller and less challenging. Just learning to be present? Close your eyes while breathing deeply, go for a walk in nature, or sit quietly with a pet.

Keep Things Clean: Put things onto your body and into your home that are “clean” and absent of toxins and chemicals. Less toxins means less work for your body and more energy for fun!

Movement is Health! Get up and move, every day throughout the day because if you don’t move it, you lose it. Dedicate time each week in your schedule for aerobic and strength activities. Find something you enjoy so you want to keep doing it. Spend a lot of time in a sedentary job or project? Get up at least once every hour to move and stretch. StraightenUpAmerica.org offers some simple stretches that take just a few minutes.

 Sound Sleep: Restore, Repair, Rejuvenate to wake up refreshed and ready for my day is my bedtime intention. A good night’s sleep allows the body to restore and repair so we can wake up rejuvenated.

 Well rounded/balance: We function best when we have balance in our lives and includes a well-rounded array of activities that are included in the key areas of our life of mind, body, and spirit along with work and play. Make sure you are putting some focus in all of these areas.

 Get Connected: Optimal brain and body connection leads to performing better in every area of your health and life because your innate intelligence is fully expressed. Live the vital, vibrant life you want by getting checked by your chiropractic every week or two to insure you are fully connected.

 You are the best thing that happened to you, so take care of YOU!




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