3 Steps to a Fun, Pain Free Vacation!

School is out and it is time for that vacation or summer trip with family and friends. Everyone is getting excited, making plans, talking about all of the great things you are going to do while you are away. But it is also when many people start to worry. Your days were already busy, and now in addition to trying to get all your work done before you go on your trip, your to-do list for vacation prep and work is getting longer and longer and it seems every year this is the time that your body seems to get sick.

 These are some simple things you can do:

1-      Give yourself enough time to plan your trip and for tasks that must be completed prior to leaving. Include self-care on your list. Delegate tasks when possible and make a list of items that can wait until you get back.

2-      Be diligent about staying hydrated and continue good eating habits. Follow-thru on your exercise and stretching routine or if you don’t have 1 then adding just 15 minutes a day can help alleviate some of that stress and help your body be in better shape to have fun. (These tips can be used on your trip as well especially if you start to experience pain and discomfort.)

3-      Often people who have health issues or are experiencing pain prior to their trip find that it can increase while they are away. Make an appointment now with your local chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist or other health practitioner in your area to help your body feel and function at its best and so you can fully enjoy all the activities you have planned.

Have fun on your trip!