Maariah McAndrew, 5 stars, Nov 7, 2017

Monday adjustment

I arrived late & under stress due to heavy traffic & delays at every turn. Dr. Jenn took it in stride and asked my body what priorities it had. Once we cleared the stress, and got my body communicating with itself, corrections began to happen. With specific input guided by my body’s responses, things started to change, my pain levels diminished, as did my stress level. Fascinating work. This modality allows her to get to the bottom of things P/E/M/S. Thanks so much.


Sunshine Girl, 5 stars, Nov 7, 2017

Just Do It

I enjoyed the lecture at the Illuminate and that prompted me to do a follow-up appointment with Dr. Jenn. I am so glad I did.  I wish you would try an appointment with Dr. Jenn and may you be blessed as much as I was with my visit.


Jensen Gelfond, 5 stars, October 1, 2o17

A vital part of my personal healthcare

As a IT guy who necessarily spends lots of time at a computer, I see Dr. Jenn and Mind the Body Therapies on a regular basis to help keep my body feeling great. I really like that they use their knowledge to help me give effective self-care between appointments. It’s not just about fixing problems but taking your health and body to the next level!



S.H., 5 stars, Aug 31, 2017


I played golf with my husband yesterday for the first time in months. My game was so improved that my husband started teasing me and asked if I had been taking lessons when he wasn’t around. After some thought, I realized that my body was moving differently.

I was able to swing the club in a way that I never had before. Thank you Dr. Jenn.




A.B., 5 stars, Aug 26, 2017 

Immediate relief!

I had been tight and stressed for several weeks, and couldn’t get rid of the back pain; but right after my session with Dr Jenn, I felt remarkably better. She put me back to a place where I felt balanced and free of knots! She knows what she doing and I am so grateful.




Terri Manning, 5 Stars, Aug 24, 2017

Great Decision

I had my initial appointment with Dr. Jenn yesterday and I am thrilled to say the least. The entire vibe of the office is positive. I could tell immediately that Dr. Jenn is very knowledgeable and actually cares about me and my well being. She explains everything in great detail and is very pleasant. I am very excited for the road ahead with Dr. Jenn.


K5 Stars, Aug 3, 2017

Whole-person care

I was pleasantly surprised that my initial visit with Dr. Jenn included my thoughts/ goals about my own health. So often we are left out of our own health plan while MD’s determine what they think is best for us. That initial exam and the sessions that have followed in the last almost 3 years have been examples of what whole-person care is all about. Not only do I feel better after each visit, physically, spiritually & mentally, but I am increasingly more interested in my own health & well being.




Diane B5 Stars, Jun 17, 2017

The Healthiest I’ve Ever Felt

I’ve been having regular sessions with Dr Jenn for about 6 months now. Along 

about the third month, I began feeling so good (not only physically strong, but emotionally balanced and mentally focused) that I felt I had shifted into a new gear. I’ve only felt something like this once before–about 15 years ago when I was having network chiropractic done and doing a lot of yoga. Now it takes a lot more to knock me off balance. Like wearing so many “floaties” in the pool that you almost can’t sink!



Stacy V, 5 Stars, Jun 7, 2017

Inspired – Ready for a Shift!

I just had my first session with Dr. Jenn – the intake. I’m super impressed with the approach she takes to supporting a body-mind-spirit change. She clearly understood what was happening with my body structure and the related tension which is also paraleled in my day-to-day experience… and had a way to start to get that to shift. Already feeling my body and my emotions making changes. I’m excited to embark on this journey with her to create a shift!




Leslie Frey, 5 Stars, May 13, 2017

Unconventional in the best way

Dr. Jenn has surprised me time after time with the profound results she creates with the most subtle of techniques. If I had not been in such pain that was released so immediately from her care, I would be tempted to think her quacky. But Dr. Jenn is genuine in her desire to provide profound healing and deliberate in her choices to deliver care with well-researched methods. Even if you struggle to “believe” in her techniques, bring your aches & pains and ask your questions. She knows what to do.




J.K.5 Stars, Apr 29, 2017

Awesome support

Do yourself a favor and visit Dr Jenn. Not only is she fun, gifted, intuitive, and talented, she works to let your body to the healing it needs. My body is feeling better than it has in years. Thanks Doc!




Sharron H, 5 Stars, Mar 29, 2017

Thank you Dr. Jenn

It has only been a little over a month, but I have started to see improvements in my health on both a physical and emotional level. Dr. Jenn is caring and knowledgeable and works hard to make sure that you leave her office feeling positive, that better health is attainable.



Brittany R, 5 Stars, Mar 23, 2017

Best Chiropractic Experience I’ve Ever Had

Dr. Jenn changed my idea of what chiropractic care could be. I came to her pregnant, with back/neck pain and headaches. I also had anxiety due to previous chiropractors who were so rough with their methods for adjusting. I can honestly say I feel so much better after seeing her for the last several months. I feel better physically with each visit as well as calm and positive every time I leave her office. Thank you Dr. Jenn!