Mountain Phoenix Chiropractic Center

I, Dr Jenn, am excited to announce that after many years of being in practice, that there is a name for my practice that aligns with my vision. It is a name that will grow with us, a name that portrays the importance of a person choosing health, that has the meaning of renewal and creativity, of transformation and clarity of purpose, and of LIFE with a little bit of magic. The new name is Mountain Phoenix Chiropractic Center. In addition to continued excellent chiropractic care and the new name, you will see new healing services offered that will take us to new places, on new adventures, and into higher levels of healing. Mountain Phoenix Chiropractic Center: Empowered Transformation from Within.

In the coming weeks, you will see some rearranging of the chiropractic adjusting space, some new class offerings, with some new collaborations. Some of you have noticed some of the tweaks that I have already been introducing and you will see/experience more as we move forward. These changes are made with the intention of increasing quality of service, results, and overall experience. If at any point you have questions, concerns, or there is some uncertainty, please speak to me directly. I am open to hearing from you, appreciate you and your feedback as healing and learning is a two-way street. I could not do what I do, without YOU.