About Chiropractic

What is Chiropractic?

Dr Jenn’s purpose in practice and in life is to “ ACTIVATE Your Unlimited Potential!”

Chiropractic is the lifestyle that people, just like you, utilize in order to live life to their highest potential! It’s the science, art, and philosophy of enlightenment! Those who get adjusted regularly report consistent high levels of energy, focus; restful sleep; patience; heightened libido; strong immune systems to fight off disease; maximized performance and decreased stress beyond anything they’ve ever tried before. They live vibrant and vital lives.

We experience aches and pains; notice that we can’t turn our head to look over our shoulder or it takes us awhile to get moving in the morning or we just don’t feel up to our best.  These are all signs that our bodies are not working right. We are exposed to emotional, physical and chemical stress on a daily basis. This leads to changes in our bodies, things like tight muscles, non-moving joints that lead to something we call subluxations.

Subluxations are misaligned bones causing interference in messages travelling through our nervous system. With subluxations there is a disconnection between our brain and the rest of our nerves. This disconnection and interference in messages leads to decrease in function and health and can eventually lead to illness and disease.

Flow of information thru the nervous system can be compared to talking to someone on a cell phone. When we are free from subluxations it is much like talking to someone on a cell phone with a great signal. All communication is loud and clear. When a subluxation occurs it is much like finding yourself in an area where the cell phone service is sketchy, full of static, missing words, parts of sentences or even calls getting dropped. The same thing occurs in your nervous system with the flow of information from the brain to your body or your body to your brain.  Imagine sketchy information flowing to your heart, your lungs, your digestive system, or your immune system. We get loss of function, illness and disease. We use the art of the chiropractic adjustment, a specific force to an area of subluxation to allow messages to flow without intereference, to restore the connection between the brain and spinal cord and all the nerves. It’s calling someone back on your cell phone and having a clear signal, clear call and clear communication.

Dr Jenn utilizes the chiropractic adjustment and Network entrainments to help not only  reestablish these connections between your brain and rest of your nervous system but to expand the areas of ease in your body so that you can reach your full potential; a life of happiness, health, and freedom.




“Dr. Jenn was very professional and listened to my problems. She gave me relief when no one else could. I had chronic neck and low back issues for years and now I can work and do all my hobbies without pain. Thank you very much and she should be called DR. AMAZING”. (: Lisa D